About us

About Kaizen Group

Kaizen Business Group formed in early 2007.
The six founding members at the time were dedicated not only to assisting each other by referring business, but also to help each other grow and continually improve their businesses. The Kaizen Business Group’s mission statement was written to encompass the values and philosophy of the Group.

In addition, there was a constant aim to grow the Group with likeminded professionals, who would also dedicate themselves to the Group, its members and their mutual clients.

The Group meets once every fortnight over breakfast and follows an agenda that incorporates presentations, discussions and a business forum for members to discuss any aspect of their business, and also to celebrate referrals given to other members.

In 2009, the aim of the Kaizen Business Group is to continue to grow and improve by welcoming new members from all areas of business.

2011/2012 saw a huge growth in Kaizen Membership numbers resulting in a positive mix of different ages and diverse backgrounds.

Today’s Kaizen group is an energetic forward focused group dedicated to growing and serving its members.